Our Call to Action
In this time of great unrest, where our entire paradigm has shifted overnight, we are presented with a tremendous opportunity to reposition public education to better ensure that learners are equipped and prepared to learn deeply, contribute meaningfully, and lead in the quickly evolving and unknown future. InnovateK12 is committed to helping you engage your stakeholders in a process to identify strategic direction and innovative ideas necessary to create a new normal.

Dr. Michael Conner, the superintendent of Middletown Public Schools in Middletown, CT, and one of our newest members, recently stated:

“This is an unprecedented time where we have had to apply the principles of innovative design to deliver education in a new ways and also provide new methodologies to reach our families and take in their earnest ideas. This partnership with InnovateK12 will provide a feedback channel which will drive us to even better student solutions.”

The Time is Now
We recognize that schools and districts are facing challenges at every level of their respective ecosystems. The ramifications of the COVID-19 epidemic, combined with the racial strife that is testing the diverse fabric of our communities, require us to pivot away from the status quo. It is now more important than ever before, to involve ALL of our stakeholders in conjuring and designing a new more flexible and equitable learning experience for ALL of our students. Here are the three critical pivot points needed to begin.


Change who is a part of the conversation.
So often, a small group of people lead and execute strategic planning, especially in response to crisis. We must ask ourselves the question, “Who is not in the room?” Whose perspective and expertise are we missing? What approaches are we not considering? Divergent thinking is advantageous during times of innovation.

Change the questions we are asking.
As human beings, our sociology pulls us to return to what we've always known, toward familiarity, habit, and comfort. However, we must resist the urge to “do what we’ve always done.” Therefore, we need to ask questions that help us pivot away from the status quo. We should not be asking questions to solve old problems, but questions to help imagine a new future.

Change how we arrive at the solutions.
It is paramount that we cultivate and harvest feedback and deep input from diverse perspectives in order to improve ideas. The best solutions are identified by consensus (value rating) from the crowd, confirming the power of collective voice.

Crowdsourcing with InnovateK12 allows your community to take stock of current challenges, anticipate emerging challenges, and creatively ideate to think differently and boldly about education. By engaging in a crowdsourcing initiative in your school or district, you are creating a new and revitalized education narrative, and committing to creating the innovative and equitable education that we must guarantee that every child receives.

If you would like to learn more, contact us today. We would love to show you the power of crowdsourcing. 
Thank you!

Evan St. Lifer

Chief Executive Officer

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Joey Hailpern

Chief Operating Officer