Crowdsourcing for Educators


Turn to Stakeholders for Insight and Ideas

Seek critical input from stakeholders.

Schools and districts are facing challenges at every level of their ecosystems. It is now more important than ever before, to involve ALL of our stakeholders in designing a equitable learning experience for our students.


Inspire a Culture of Innovation

Embrace distributed,  21st Century Leadership

Make a long-term commitment to frontline engagement and distributed leadership with the full InnovateK12 crowd-based ideation and design thinking /lean toolkit in an "open challenge" format.


Accelerate  Strategic Initiatives

Drive Strategy with InnovateK12

Use the full InnovateK12 crowd-based ideation and design thinking/lean toolkit for a "focus challenge." Gain frontline ownership and genuine traction on specific strategic initiatives.


Student-Centered Innovation

Use Crowdsourcing to Empower Your Students

One of the most exciting ways to grow a culture of innovation in your school or district is to empower students with the voice and the tools for meaningful change.


Prepare for Strategic Planning

Uncover New Opportunities for Growth

Get everyone involved in this "open challenge" as you imagine what's possible. The InnovateK12 toolkit will help you design a strategic plan that captures the imagination of your stakeholders and inspires ownership.

Crowd-Based Grant Competitions

Improve Your Application and Award System

The InnovateK12 approach will help you increase your success rate with grant winners and ensure that these limited resources are spent on the most viable solutions.