Take InnovateK12 for a Test Drive in Your District

If you’re excited about the possibility of using the InnovateK12 toolkit to build a true culture of innovation in your district, but are worried about a full-scale implementation, then why not take us for a test drive!


Some of our member districts start out by using the InnovateK12 toolkit in only one or two schools. This approach allows district leaders to study the process and learn how to support it more broadly as the effort scales… and at a reduced initial cost for membership due to the smaller footprint.


Every district has at least one or two principals who are ready for a leadership opportunity like InnovateK12. And bringing InnovateK12 to your district provides an authentic test that will allow you to see how the toolkit works in your unique environment. Once you’ve seen the process from beginning to end, you’ll have a much better idea how to scale the program in the years ahead.


The InnovateK12 team starts the on-boarding process in March, so don’t delay! Get your test sites ready and sign them up today. By the time they are attending the K12 Innovation Summit in mid-July, they will be ready to launch...and you’ll be ready to study the impact of this powerful new toolkit in your district.

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