Use InnovateK12 to Drive Your Strategic Planning


Let’s face it... most strategic planning efforts stall or fail to produce the desired results because frontline staff don’t feel connected to the plan. The InnovateK12 platform can be used to change that dynamic by giving everyone a voice in how the district moves its strategic initiatives forward. You’ll not only get a stronger feeling of ownership from staff, but you’ll also get fantastic ideas that your strategic planning team may not have surfaced.


With the support of the InnovateK12 idea management software and our consultant services for prototype development, you’ll make faster progress on your strategic initiatives with a higher likelihood of sustainable success...because frontline employees truly own the plan! And our lean methodology ensures that resources are only allocated once an idea has proven its impact.


Our team will work with you to ensure that the ideas coming from frontline staff are aligned with your strategic plan via the form that staff submit on your challenge site. Once your employees have voted on the ideas that they think are most compelling, you’ll hit traction that wasn’t possible through traditional strategic planning.


At the end of the school year, your annual report to the School Board summarizing progress toward the strategic plan will be filled with frontline engagement and genuine excitement. You can even bring your top Idea Champions to the Board meeting and have them present their prototypes to the Board. Imagine the impact that this kind of presentation would have for your Board, not to mention the positive public relations for your Board membership!


It’s this brand of grass-roots engagement for organizational strategy that makes the InnovateK12 approach so unique. Click the “Get Started” tab on this website to join the movement!


Align Your Strategic Efforts with Top Fortune 100 Companies


One of the leading researchers and thought-leaders in the area of corporate innovation strategy, Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) recently released its Innovation Benchmark 2017 Report titled “Reinventing innovation: Five findings to guide strategy through execution.”


In this global study of over 1,200 companies, executives told the PwC researchers that their businesses were collaborating with a broader set of stakeholders to reap greater rewards from their innovation efforts. If that is the global trend in 2017, then why aren’t educators collaborating more broadly to drive their strategic efforts?


As you read this study by PwC, you’ll note the parallels found in the InnovateK12 toolkit because our methods were developed through a careful study of innovation programs across a wide range of industries. No other innovation-support provider offers this level of proven strategy to drive your innovation efforts.


Isn’t it time that K-12 education leaders started using the same strategic approaches currently employed in the industries where our graduates will be working soon? With InnovateK12, you now have the opportunity to truly lead your organization by example, and to truly prepare your graduates for the world of 21st century innovation that lies ahead as they enter the world of work.


Download the PwC report (Innovation Benchmark 2017), and then click the Get Started tab on the InnovateK12 website to join the movement!