• InnovateK12 Team

Welcome, Middletown Schools!

We recently welcomed our newest member district, Middletown Schools (CT), led by Superintendent Dr. Michael Conner. This puts InnovateK12 in it's 11th state!

Middletown jumped right into using crowdsourcing in July 2020 to glean critical information from stakeholders by launching a sprint event in early July. The question they asked, "How might we help your child feel welcome, comfortable and safe at the Summer Literacy Academy?" Check out their press release for the launch of the sprint event.

The sprint challenge was launched to help staff prepare for their summer literacy academy for 1st - 4th graders. With a short time frame and a targeted audience, they were able to get a number of very tangible ideas that they will be able to quickly implement.

Check out some of their ideas!

Hand Washing Fun - We have worked at home to make sure we all wash our hands regularly but it is sometimes a challenge. Can there be a fun way to incorporate hand washing into the daily routine?

Mask Breaks - If there could be a place where the kids could go to have a break from wearing the mask, maybe have a sip of water, get some fresh air. That would be greatly appreciated!

Meet the Teachers - Will we be able to know the names and/or see a picture of the teachers before summer school starts? It would be helpful to tell show my child his teacher and the room he will be in.

Celebration Signs - Kids are so accustomed to human contact for comfort or as a celebration for doing something great. Maybe each class could come up with a sign in place of a hug or high five?

Middletown launched their Summer Literacy Academy just as Time Magazine released the article, "As the School Year Approaches, Education May Become the Pandemic’s Latest Casualty", featuring Middletown's preparation for their summer program.

We are proud to be working with Middletown, a national education leader.