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Want to Build a Strategic Plan that Engages and Inspires All Stakeholders?

Sitka (AK) Can Show You the Way!

Sitka Superintendent Mary Wegner is on a roll. Her crowd-sourced strategic planning campaign for the Sitka community - called “Leave your Print” - is quite literally everywhere you turn. Even on the pizza delivery boxes!

Wegner’s vision for inclusion has taken her efforts to new heights in this island community near Juneau (AK). And her stakeholders have responded in ways that will inspire even the most courageous education leader.

“We really felt that our previous models of strategic planning didn’t really hit all of the voices in the community, and we really wanted to do that,” said Wegner on local Raven Radio. “So we looked for new strategic planning models and we found the InnovateK12 organization.”

With promotional videos posted on local discussion boards, interviews on local Raven Radio station, notifications announcing Chamber of Commerce speaking engagements, and QR stickers placed strategically on pizza delivery boxes, Wegner has her entire community engaged in a discussion about how to bring organizational effectiveness and systems transformation to Sitka Public Schools.

As a long-standing member of the League of Innovative Schools as well as a Board member for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Wegner is no stranger to innovation. Her reputation as a visionary precedes her, and that is what makes her a valued leader in the InnovateK12 network.

Sitka’s “Leave Your Print” crowd-sourced strategic planning effort is an excellent use-case for the InnovateK12 toolkit because it not only offers an on-ramp for all stakeholders to engage in the discussion, but it also provides numerous opportunities to socialize, vote, and co-design the solutions.