Uncharted Learning

Today’s growing economy craves young professionals with innovative ideas and the skills to make things happen. We saw an opportunity in our community to teach students the necessary skills to thrive in today’s rapidly-changing world. So, we went for it.

What is the observed problem?

The future of work requires skills around agility, perseverance, and problem solving. All too often, students are ill-prepared for post-graduation success - regardless of path. Districts, schools and educators need solutions to meet this need, to engage students (and teachers) and to be standards-aligned.

What is your proposed solution?

Education - from elementary through high school - should drive student agency and a growth mindset. And, entrepreneurship education is a great platform for building these skills, and elementary and middle school is a great place to start.

The skills and traits at the core of entrepreneurship are what can propel students along their journeys.

We provide standards-aligned entrepreneurship education for K12. We provide comprehensive curriculum and teacher training for elementary, middle and high school programs.

Uncharted Learning Programs

In elementary school - FreshINCedu is a Program designed to be a hands-on, engaging entrepreneurial option for a specials rotation or embedded in social studies or STEM program. Best suited for 4th and 5th grades.

"This is the highlight of my day, so different from all the other stuff we do!"

~ Maddie 5th grader, freshINCedu student

In middle school - mxINCedu is a Program geared to be offered as an experiential semester elective or integrated into an exploratory wheel. Best suited for 6th, 7th or 8th grades.

"Implementing mxINCedu in our middle schools has been a wonderful opportunity to engage students, teachers, administrators, family and community. The response from the community has been incredible!"

~ Dr. Melissa Byrne, Director of College and Career Readiness, St. Charles CUSD 303

In high school - A suite of courses designed to provide a flexible, focused, rigorous entrepreneurial experience in high school. Create a robust entrepreneurship CTE pathway, or blend with other curricular options as a one-year exploratory or multi-year progression.

“This is exactly what I want! Something real, something kids can get their hands dirty in, something that involves the community as well as the teacher.”

~ Chad Freshly, Business Education Teacher, Elk Grove High School

Programs are designed to fit many models, rotations, specials and scenarios.

How did you test this solution in the district?

In partnership with one District and with the support and collaboration of a vibrant community, an entrepreneurship course was developed and tested in one high school. For a glimpse of this journey, here’s a case study sharing the story of creation, implementation and the outcome, and some testimonials below…

"Interaction, collaboration, student choice - an example of forward-thinking education."

~ Dr. Tom Leonard, Superintendent, Eanes ISD, TX (formerly of Barrington D220)

“Watching students re-engage with their education inspired us to bring this to as many students as possible.”

~ Christy Scott, Executive Director, Uncharted Learning, NFP

"Entering the real world and looking back and seeing what I learned from INCubatoredu -- it was clear I had a head start."

~Connor Boundy, INCubatoredu Student Alum

Solution Update/Current Status

Now, with 6+ programs focused on entrepreneurship and real-world skill building, we have impacted more than 42,000 students in 171 districts. Students build future-ready skills - both soft (SEL) and hard skills that benefit them regardless of path...problem solving, collaboration, creativity, resilience.