• InnovateK12 Team

Prime Your Innovation Mindset

Our annual innovation summit has become the time and place where we immerse new members in our network; providing them with foundational training and the inspiration of the network that they need to more forward.

And.... as is the case with so many events this summer, our face-to-face summit has been cancelled. In lieu of our annual networking event we will make sure that all members have access to foundational training with a large dose of inspiration from the network!

Online Training - We will be launching online training modules and make them accessible to your team beginning July 1, 2020. These modules will provide an overview of how to use the InnovateK12 toolkit in multiple scenarios; whether you are running an "always-on" challenge, an annual innovation event, or embracing a nimble and pervasive mentality with multiple challenge questions launched throughout the year. We will cover event logistics, planning, communication, design thinking, lean methodology, prototyping, iteration, testing and story-telling. We will also focus on the strength of the innovation toolkit to facilitate change management and accelerate strategic initiatives.  

Webinar Series - In lieu of a face-to-face summit, we are launching a series of scheduled webinars to share stories, experiences, and best practices. We will also highlight district plans to increase stakeholder engagement through multiple challenges. There will be time for Q&A as well as discussion between network members. All of these webinars will be recorded and made available with the online training modules.

We plan to hold a face-to-face innovation summit in the future. We are certain that this will be a wonderful celebration!