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PowerLoop: InnovateK12's New Crowd Engagement Tool for Solution Providers

The wait is over...InnovateK12 is now offering solution providers and educational organizations the same engaging ideation and feedback platform that it currently offers to its member schools!

The new PowerLoop tool helps solution providers engage their power users in a feedback loop driven by award-winning, crowd-based software that engages your users and helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your “crowd.” The PowerLoop platform is a new way to learn from your users while delighting them through a unique engagement and co-design experience.

Think of it as virtual Design Thinking that grows excitement for your product while helping you respond quickly to the priorities of your crowd.

To optimize your PowerLoop experience, we recommend the following:

Define your WHY

To get started, you’ll need to clarify why you are engaging your users and what it is you are trying to learn:

  • Are you interested in collecting product enhancement ideas so that your development team is working on the most important improvements (instead of the squeakiest wheel)?

  • Are you launching a new product and want to stay connected to the early-adopters (in a safe and controlled yet social environment) as they experience the product for the first time?

  • Are you in beta and want to establish a firewall environment where you can get real-time feedback while allowing your test-users to talk to each other (and your development team)?

  • Or is there another use-case that you want to try? The possibilities are endless. Once you establish your use-case, we’re ready to move to the next step of the process!

Identify your Power Users

An engaged user group (i.e. power users, early adopters, licensed user-group, etc.) will be your “crowd.” The PowerLoop team will help you build a roster of identified users who will be invited into your customized engagement platform. Keep in mind that this isn’t a “build it and they will come” Field of Dreams event...you’ll need to consider strategies for motivating or incentivizing the behavior you want. For example, making a strong commitment to developing the top idea from your user-group is a great way to get your crowd excited. We’ll come back to this later in the Communication Plan step of the process.

Create a Timeline

A typical PowerLoop runs over the course of 4-6 weeks. While the launch date of your PowerLoop can vary, there is a suggested timeline that works for this type of online crowd-based event. The K12 PowerLoop team will work with you to determine your launch date and a timeline that works best for your team. The following is our suggested cadence:

  • PowerLoop Invitation and Communication (2-4 weeks) - Because PowerLoop is a time bound event, it is important to maximize every moment of engagement from your user group. The best way to do this is to ramp up communication just prior to the event to share background on your event focus, provide incentive, and increase energy from your users.

  • PowerLoop Launch and Feedback Phase (3-4 weeks) - The official launch and feedback phase of your challenge is the phase when your Power Users will post feedback, comment and rate other feedback. User engagement during this phase can be highly informative. The responsiveness of your team online is critical and can “drive or dive” the enthusiasm of your users.

  • PowerLoop Voting Phase (1-2 weeks) - Pairwise Voting is the ultimate ranking tool for the PowerLoop process. During this time, your power users will go through a fun and fast-paced voting process that will allow them to rank all feedback that was collected during the Feedback Phase. Whether you are seeking ideas for new features or prioritizing existing requests, you will end up with a ranking of ideas that are most important to your users.

PowerLoop Results and Communication

The most critical step to maintaining trust between your team and your users is this final step - communication. Honor the results of the voting phase by announcing top feedback across your user group. Communicate early and often with your users about how you intend to use the feedback, and then keep them informed on your progress. With K12 PowerLoop, you have a powerful opportunity to build a crowd of evangelists who will help spread the good news about your product - let us help you get there!