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Positioned to Manage Change

During the spring of 2020, we have witnessed educators around the world go through a constant state of un-facilitated design thinking. Identifying needs, generating solutions on the spot, testing, and iterating over and over again. It has been inspiring but also gives us pause, "Where do we go from here?"

As a young company, InnovateK12 believes in what we do; our passion for this work keeps us moving forward with an intense sense of obligation. Now more than ever, is the time to innovate K-12 education. We are launching a unique toolkit for our 20-21 members; a toolkit that will provide you with the tools and strategies to increase transparency and stakeholder engagement in order to build a shared strategic direction.

Shared Challenges in the Idea Hub

Every member of the InnovateK12 network will have access to the Idea Hub, featuring shared challenges throughout the year. It is our intention that the challenge questions will allow you to ideate with innovative education leaders to answer tough questions as well as elicit new imperatives for K-12 education.

We will identify questions pertinent to the network and launch shared challenges throughout the year. We will address questions from "What's the best way to combine staggered face-to-face options with new hybrid options for the 20-21 school year?" to "What do we value as a school community? To whom and to what do we hold ourselves accountable?"

"Always On" Challenge

We are offering each member the opportunity to add one of two specially designed challenges for their site. These are different from a typical challenge as they do not have an end date, they are "always on". This means that there is only one phase and the challenge remains open indefinitely. These challenges are customizable and we are ready to collaborate with you on the details if you are interested.

  • The “You Ask, We Answer” challenge template was designed to allow staff to submit and view questions (open or related to specific topics like COVID-19) in a transparent manner. It is designed to only allow designated Moderators (that you choose) to be able to provide the response, which is visible to all users. Once a response has been posted, users are then able to “join the conversation” with comments, follow-on questions or clarifications, or even helpful links or videos.

  • The "Always On" challenge provides an open forum for ideation and collaboration. Participants can submit ideas, comment and vote as inspiration strikes, making this type of challenge well matched as a space for an ongoing initiative or topic, like best practices for distance/remote learning.

As a result of this spring pandemic and a deep sense that we may not return to normal for a very long time, InnovateK12 is encouraging a nimble and pervasive use of the innovation platform as a way to manage the change you are facing through the end of the 20-21 school year. Many districts will continue to run the energy-filled innovation events that we LOVE. But as our districts mature in their approach to innovation and understanding of design thinking, they begin to see opportunities for innovation everywhere, even outside of the time-bound innovation event.

And today? Whew. Innovation opportunities are everywhere.

Today, educators have entered into an endless cycle of design. This is our mindset now. Identify the pain points, understand the problem, ideate, prototype/test, and implement.

Again and again.

Ultimately, we are committed to providing you with the training, resources, strategies, support and innovative optimism to engage and empower your community in honest, ongoing reflection and action towards "What comes next?"

We see InnovateK12 members as having the best skill set and quite an advantage to appropriately respond to the current situation. Not only do our members have an interactive online space to help people connect virtually, they are primed to engage in a thoughtful response to the rapidly changing education landscape and create a collaborative, shared plan to move forward.

Contact us today to learn more!

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