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Eagle Voice: Student Event Helps Elevate Student Voice and Deliver “What If?” Culture

As a legacy member of InnovateK12, Eden Prairie (MN) has several years of experience with our innovation toolkit. But when Robb Virgin was hired as the new principal of the 3,000-student high school, he was committed to elevating both staff and student voice, and he immediately knew that the InnovateK12 platform could get him there.

Virgin used the platform with staff in his first year as principal and was able to identify pain points quickly through the crowd-based event. The success he experienced in his first year gave him the confidence to launch a student event in Year #2: Eagle Voice.

“When leaders see Eagle Voice, they quickly ask me about the cool ideas that students are submitting, but that’s actually lower on the list of why we’re doing this,” said Virgin. “More important is the ‘What if?’ culture that we’re building here. We want our students and our staff to really dream, and to help envision a school that responds quickly to the needs of its students.”

EPHS’s first student event has exceeded Virgin’s expectations, resulting in 260 ideas submitted in the December/January event. One of the top voted ideas in the event? Keep Eagle Voice open all year long. Watch the Eagle Voice video and feel the positive energy that Virgin and his student leaders have created. You’ll want to get started right away on a student innovation event!

During a staff PD day on Friday, February 14, Twin Cities innovation incubator Gener8tor will work with students and staff to build lean prototypes for the top ideas. Go Eagles! We’re all cheering for you!

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