Design Thinking Network

Join Us in Austin (TX) in May 2020

Give your staff on-site training in InnovateK12's unique combination of design thinking and lean engineering and help them develop affordable solutions to strategic challenges...with professional development (and/or Title II) dollars!

When students are given the opportunity to share their ideas for school improvement along with the support from leadership to act on their top ideas, the impact is significant. Students who experience this level of efficacy begin to feel the power of innovation to change not only their life, but the lives of everyone.

Human-centered design (or Design Thinking) has become a powerful way to solve problems, but it is also a fantastic way to engage students in the classroom. Growing internal capacity for Design Thinking will inspire your innovation efforts as well as your curriculum design.

On-site support from the InnovateK12 team for Design Thinking begins at $1,999 for a one-day training. Extend the site visit with additional days at $1,000/day.