Crowd-Based Grant Competition

Improve Your Application and Award System

The InnovateK12 approach will help you increase your success rate with grant winners and ensure that these limited resources are spent on the most viable solutions.

If your goal is to build a culture of innovation in your school or district, then this is the best option for you. Running an open challenge every year will build trust between frontline staff and leadership. When frontline staff see their ideas gaining the support of leadership, they start to get excited about the possibilities.

Failure to engage your workforce in a truly meaningful way will result in minor improvement and a significant loss of investment in time and resources. You really can't afford not to give your frontline staff a voice in something as vital to your success as a strategic initiative.

When you launch a district-wide crowd-based ideation event to gather input and ideas to guide implementation of a key initiative, you are demonstrating the very best of 21st century innovation leadership because today's Millennial and Gen-Z employee expects to have this level of voice and engagement in their work. InnovateK12 can show you how.

The full InnovateK12 package begins at $2,999 for a one-year membership:

  • Industry-leading crowd-based ideation software from,

  • Training in design thinking and lean prototyping,

  • Full technical and consulting support during the year

  • One registration for July’s K12 Innovation Summit (a $279 value)

  • Additional $500 charge for each new event.


Bring InnovateK12 team on-site to increase your success...


The InnovateK12 team can provide on-site support to help you maximize your investment:

  • Cabinet-level or Board-level briefing on the research that supports crowd-based engagement

  • Leadership Team workshop providing coaching on site-level support for crowd-based innovation

  • Design Team workshop providing coaching for event management and prototype development

  • Train-the-trainer workshop for Design Thinking workshop facilitation