Central Falls School District

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Central Falls School District
Rhode Island
Behavior Summit

Central Falls School District used InnovateK12 to build consensus around the strategies they could deploy as a team to finish the year strong.


As we turn the page to the end of the school year we expect a range of environmental changes to occur. The anticipation of summer break builds optimism and positivity. Alternatively, behavior can ebb and flow within the halls while we try to maintain a focus on learning. Join together to help ideate around strategies we can deploy as a team to keep things intact moving forward.


In a unifying effort, the principal of Central Falls High School launched this initiative to identify the action steps needed to support students as the school year winds down. Upon launch, teachers identified a range of strategies and needs for behavioral support. After gathering the ideas of the group, the school leadership team identified questions and feasibility ratings for each idea. As a last step, all staff had a chance, via a faculty meeting, to discuss the ideas and vote for what they felt they could realistically implement.

Next Steps:

The team identified three strategies for full implementation through sharing, commenting, and voting. These strategies included agreement on how to address student cell phone use, a new process for utilizing an intervention space, and implementation of random hallway tardy sweeps.

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